Personalized Executive Gifts – Engraved With Your Company Logo

crystal keychain is one of the easiest and most affordable forms of advertising you can give to your business. You can purchase a key chain for only a couple of dollars depending on what size you need. They make a great promotional gift for corporate gifts, fundraisers, conferences, product launch parties, and other special occasions. There are dozens of styles to choose from when it comes to crystal keychain gifts. Your keychain will be an attention grabber every time your recipients open it.

As much as you want to engrave your keychain, there are some situations where a simple laser engraving won’t do. For example, if you give a crystal keychain as a gift to your customers with the invoice in a plastic wallet, you’ll want to add special instructions or note on the gift to help them out in some way. The same is true if you give the crystal photo keychain to your clients with their bill with the invoice in a paper wallet or receipt.

Some people are nervous about giving personalized gifts like these, but you can make it easier by using transparent materials instead of glass. This can keep the personal information out of sight, but still allows you to inscribe the special instructions or note on the gift. Silicone or rubber bands are great for this purpose. If you’re worried about ruining the crystal, a regular-sized sheet of clear plastic is perfect. If you’re worried about damaging the metal chain, an ordinary-sized piece of plastic will work just fine.

If you’re going to use a clear plastic sheet as the container for the metal chain, you’ll need to measure out both the personalized size and the normal size first. The customized size is usually cut to fit, but not always, and the regular size will usually already be pre-cut to the correct length. Wrap the metal chain around the plastic and then tie an end onto the string. Tie an additional knot to ensure that it stays securely in place.

You can wrap the entire gift in clear plastic wrap or use other wrapping supplies to make it look better and more presentable. Wrap the original plastic gift around the metal chain and use any ribbon or bows you like. If you would prefer to add a personal touch, consider using some very finely strung pearls or crystals to tie the ends. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the customized size is the right one before you start wrapping.

Crystal keychains and other crystal engravings are great personalized executive gifts for many different occasions. They are classy, elegant and above all, make for an excellent gift that can’t be beat. Whether you decide to get plain crystal key chains, personalized key chains, or even some 3d laser engraving on them, you’re bound to be happy with your crystal gift!